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Deborah Ostreicher (Distinguished Communications)

Deborah Ostreicher

Distinguished Communications

Deborah Ostreicher is CEO of Distinguished Communications. Whether on stage, screen or radio, Ostreicher’s personality and enthusiasm come through. She lived, worked and performed overseas for a nearly a decade, followed by climbing her way up the corporate ladders of the high-tech and aviation industry to the executive suite.

From “Business Woman of the Year” to “Best Actress,”
the awards keep on coming. Now she is sharing her secrets with you on leadership, management a, d communication.

While you can read her articles in Huff Post or her tips in the book The Art of Effective Communication, you can hear them first-hand at this session.

She earned her undergraduate degree in Liberal Arts at the University of Maryland; her MBA at the American University; and her certificate in Leadership Communications from Harvard.

She now resides in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and is an avid volunteer and mentor of homeless children through